About Us

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AT Consulting provides IT consulting services across multiple industries. Our experience is reflected by successfully completed projects, backed by the testimonials of our respected customers and the ever-growing professionalism of our staff.

Why are we THE BEST?

Results expected from AT Consulting Solutions :

  • Transparent and measurable IT processes
  • Clear understanding of project costs and more precise budget planning
  • Work environment tailored to your business operations and processes
  • Closer and more effective collaboration between development, software testing and other business units
  • Improved software development strategy
  • Software Testing Services
  • Optimized software development efforts and costs

AT Consulting  enables achievement of strategic objectives with maximum flexibility, speed and efficiency. Our opportunistic business solutions will help the customer execute new initiatives in today’s dynamic global market. During the process of incorporating new business processes, we work with people to ensure that changes are incorporated in a smooth and effective fashion.


Here at AT Consulting Solutions, we have recognized that emphasis on quality is key in both the success and satisfaction of our clients. Being genuinely a customer driven company, we take pride in providing technical, user-friendly, simple, yet attractive solutions to our clientele.